1930 L-29 Cord




 Opportunity knocks, answer the door...even if

 it's a pile of pieces and parts !   Always wanted an

 "affordable" L-29.  Found this 30 Convertible 

 Sedan on Craig's List.  Made a deal for what was

 there.  Next step .... finding all other needed   

 parts to transform this pile of "stuff" into something

 special !  So here we are.... Allen Barth leading

 the  way,  guaranteeing us an L-29 like no other !



     Done deal....ready for the trip back to Washington State     Good by Las Vegas....












    Back home to see what we got....    Body and fenders added....      Doors added.... 














 This is where things get interesting.  The plan is to 

 re body  the Convertible Sedan, to a Cabriolet.....{see 

 adjacent wooden body}.   Plan is, while retaining the 

 original frame,  fitting  it with  the latest front and rear

 suspension technologies.  







       First photo:   A newly machined adaptor ( sits atop  the drum in the shot ) bolts thru into threaded holes in the axle hub.  The original adaptor with inner 

       locking teeth (upper right) was internally machined to fit with precision over the new adaptor and bolts to it with 5 grade 8 bolts.  Second photo:  The 

       final piece to the puzzle is bolted on the top internal threads of the original adaptor.  It also has fine internal threads that accept the knock off  spinner. 

       Third Photo :   Wire wheel with 12 inch inner hub fits over and onto the teeth of the adaptor.  The knock off tightens down and the two parts inner lock.    


     The 12 inch hub, with inner locking teeth, is the hallmark of the L-29 wheel.
     It completes the car.  The Wheelsmith  replicated it to perfection. 

   Using the original 12 inch hub they out did themselves on this one !!     




     Plan is to use the original frame.   An Art Morrison triangulated  four bar,
      as seen below,  will become an integral part of it.   















     Scott 's rear steer heavy duty IFS will be installed....      Using over sized disc brakes...HD sway bar....and power steering...  




Will use a Blue Print 383 stroker 420
horse crate motor to power our  L-29
1930 Cabriolet.  The new EFI Inglese
 eight stack induction system by
 Fast, as seen here, "top" things off !!.






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