1958 Dodge Powerwagon




                   A  while back,  found a friend a  Power Wagon.  

                    I  joined in the fun and bought one.  It had led 

                    a cushy life , on a west coast naval yard,  till it

                    out lived its usefulness and was sold as surplus.

                    In short order,  found a complete 4WD front  to

                    rear 06 Dodge Mega Cab chassis with 26k miles.





 First order of business was to shorten chassis from 165" to 123".              .                           


   Kent  "Z" cut. the frame.....      Welded rear cab bracket over  "Z" cut..        Tig welded frame....














               We bought  stamped bed sides and rear fenders

                from  Matt Tisdale while buying the bulk head,

                tailgate and fenders for the bed from Village 

                Power Wagon,  who also supplied  OEM  and         

                reproduction parts for "D" body civilian Wagons.






    New cab mounts and rubber in place.....cab is set in place....
   As brackets are made and installed.... parts are cursory fitted... 


    Ospho, then Rust Destroyer primer ... prior to epoxy primer...     Two coats of brush on bed liner to undercarriage...   











     Ospho... then Rust Destroyer     Ospho....then Rust Destroyer     Ospho....then Rust destroyer








   Recessed firewall 5 inches to fit the 5.7 Hemi.....     Squared the trans tunnel....raised 2 inches at firewall......











    Sound deadened entire cabin....     Body work complete and now in primer....Firewall painted Harley Black...













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