1932 Packard 902 Coupe





 This photo taken at Ark Hot Rods, Columbus, Ohio.  Is where

 all my cars go to refit suspension and drive trains.   Purchased

 it from a gentleman who raced 1000 horse flat bottom boats.

 Was in the right place at the right time when I  snatched this

 up.  This one was refit with  an Independent front and rear 

 suspension... with discs front and drums rear.  




   Close up front IFS  
    New 5.3 GM Vortec  with 4L60 trans
    RIS...out of 300E Mercedes









    Radiator added for start up.....cranked right over !      Engine wiring from the Detail Zone














    Car when purchased was purple     Changed it to Westminster Navy....interior leather sits atop front fender  

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