1934 Packard 5 passenger Coupe 1101



   Was immediately smitten by this Packard  after

    seeing an identical white pearl coupe at a show.

    That show spawned a hunt of two years for the

    car you see here.  As things go, I found a photo

    on the internet of this car superimposed against 

    the Chicago skyline.  Long story short... after years

    searching... I found it ......and.....it was for sale !!

    With a friend we drove to an old sound studio on the

    south    of downtown Chicago.  A developer owned  


     it and fifty plus other cars..  It was one of four in his collection needing complete restoration,  so it outlived its usefulness.   So here I am,  

     one man's junk being another man's treasure.   A price was negotiated,  and I  returned a few days for the junk/treasure   Needless to say

      I was  suprised to find it...  and most thankful to now to own it.  Just love when a plan comes together.   Alec  starts the process ...March  2016


     White Pearl 34 photo from the show..      Photo of 34 five passenger superimposed on the chicago skyline




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