1934 Packard Coupe 1101



We purchased this Packard Coupe sight unseen.

 The person who sold it to me was a long time 

 Packard vendor in California.    Unfortunately,

 what he said of the condition of the vehicle was far 

 from the truth.  If  we were putting it back to original,

 I would have hired an attorney.  For the refitting

 process it matters less in dollars, but it does not

 change the fact it will cost us more in the long run. 

 In the big scheme of things, the car being rare and

 and desirable,  we'll  do what needs to be done 

 moving forward. 


   We made the choice in this build  to replace all wood ( ash ) .....
    In replacing all wood it dictated building the body back from scratch...












    James Hery replaced all body wood....     Inner door wood replaced.....     Complete metal body refitted to new wood...



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